Our Brands

Flare Industries
Flare Industries, LLC, is the parent company entity for Aereon. Founded in 1984 in Austin, Texas, Flare Industries is well known for being a global leader in the combustion and pollution control technology industry, particularly with respect to flare systems. Thousands of Flare Industries brand flare systems have been installed across the hydrocarbon value chain from small, standard designs to large, highly complex custom solutions. In addition to flare systems, Flare Industries' thermal oxidizer systems and combustion ignition systems have been sold globally to a diverse set of customers in a wide range of operating industries including upstream, midstream and downstream energy facilities as well as many industrial and biogas markets.

Jordan Technologies
Founded in 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky, Jordan Technologies is the number one name in the design, manufacture and services of vapor recovery units (VRUs) for liquid loading operations and vent gas management. Jordan Technologies branded VRUs recover a variety of VOCs in truck, rail, marine and tank breathing applications, as well as in oil and gas production. As the largest service company for VRUs in the world market, Aereon provides service to a significant number of the world's operational VRUs, including other manufacturer's equipment.

Since 1980 Mactronic, based in Red Deer, Alberta, has provided waste gas flare solutions to the global petroleum, petrochemical and landfill gas industries. As part of the Aereon team, Mactronic brand flare systems continue to provide technical innovation for flare systems, pilots, and ignition equipment which has established Mactronic as a leader in the global marketplace.

Abutec - Advanced Burner Technologies
A technology-driven brand offering high-efficiency, low-emission combustion products, the Abutec line of products serve various industry segments including oil & gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), landfill, wastewater treatment, anaerobic digester, mine gas - mine gas incineration, biogas, tank vents, ethanol load out and many more. Based on advanced combustion principles, the Abutec products are reliable and simply manufactured for our customers' needs.